The People Advantage

First break all the rulesFrom First Break All the Rules, a required text in the NI Supervisory Development Series, the value of an organization lies in its people. So, the only way to generate enduring profits is to attract, focus, and keep talented employees.

At National Instruments, we say that our greatest and most sustainable long-term competitive advantage is our culture and our employees who directly influence the continued success of our stakeholders. It seem like our partners agree. When surveyed about the value of the NI relationship, the top response (42%)is that we have great people to work with.Alliance - NI People Greatest Value

If possible, having great people may even be more important in a labor-intensive business like consulting and integration. So, finding and developing good people is just as important as finding and developing good projects.

The People Process

Beyond, the administrative details of HR management, there are several key steps in effective people management.

  1.  Hiring the right people
  2. Providing the necessary training and skills development
  3. Setting expectations and goals
  4. Providing feedback and performing reviews
  5. Recognizing achievement and handling performance issues.
  6. Demonstrating leadership and establishing culture.

As with any other process in your company, you can work to define and improve each element. If you agree that your employees are your most important asset, then why wouldn’t you?


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