Alliance Strategies – Conclusions

As we have discussed, different business models require different marketing and sales techniques. Tools-oriented businesses require mass marketing that leads to sales while services- and system-level businesses rely on more focused and proactive selling supported by marketing.

For most Alliance Partners, this means you should actually narrow your business development efforts, so you can better focus your sales and marketing efforts. It often seems counter-intuitive to limit your opportunities, but focusing can create more efficiency and success. Here is a hint – if you cannot define your market share, how can you expect to grow it?

Based on your specific business model, your engagement with NI can be quite different. Service-oriented businesses, especially generalists, rely almost exclusively on their relationship with our field sales organization rather than corporate marketing. On the other hand, tools-level product partners engage mostly in co-marketing activities. Ultimately, you are responsible for your marketing and sales effort, but NI will always do its best to help!


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