Project Resources

In previous posts, we have talked about the importance of good project scheduling. Once the work breakdown is completed, you can construct a project schedule to complete the specified tasks and eventually the project. But, you should also assess and track your resource availability to meet the project schedule.

Ressource Availability

Just as important as managing the schedule is managing the resources. First of all, do you have a resource that is capable of doing the required work? When you are a smaller organization may be tribal knowledge, but as you grow you should develop a skill matrix to keep better track of your resources and their capabilities.

Even if you have a capable resource, how do you ensure that resource will be available when needed? What if someone decide to go on vacation? What if another project is delayed and creates a conflict for a key resource. Your project scheduling system should anticipate these issues and send proper notifications.

Don’t just think about people, but equipment and facilities. There may even be dependencies with these resources. Again, it becomes more complicated as you grow, so start tracking now.


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