Project Development – Start With a Good Design

Once you’ve taken adequate time to plan and schedule your project, now comes the easy part – the actual project work. But, you may not want to your development team that they’ve got the easy part.

Project Design

Before putting your head down and burying yourself into the project work, you want to make sure that you have an optimal design. What is the best approach to tackling the project? What is the best general architecture for the system? Are their assets (e.g. reference designs, prior work) that can be utilized? Often, a more senior developer can serve as a mentor to help determine the best approach.

Formal Design Review

Once you have selected a conceptual design vet it out against the project scope and requirements. Does it meet each of the design requirements and acceptance requirements? Your assessment should include if the design is overkill for the projects. Can the requirements be met with a more efficient design? Take the time to have a formal design review with non-team members.Poor project design

Testing the Design

Even after agreeing to the design, you can still minimize your risk by testing the design. For instance, mock up prototypes of key aspects to the project. Mock up all of the HMIs, required reports, …. Then, sit down with the customer to review the design. Some integrators require customer sign-off before proceeding further with the development. 


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