Project Commissioning – Part 2

In the first part of Project commissioning, we talked about final testing and preparation of the project including the actual shipping of the system. This, week we talk about the on-site commissioning.

Delivery and Installation

Since we completed the FAT, system delivery and installation is always a breeze. Right?  Well, just in case, you should have defined practices for field changes. What is acceptable? Anything that makes the system work? Gets the customer off your back, so you can get out of there? I guess whatever you decide is acceptable, but there should be a method to document the field changes and make sure that all project information is updated accordingly.

SAT Down with Your Customer

After the installation is complete, you should again have a process to validate its operation against the specified requirements. This time for sure, you should have a document validating customer approval before you leave the premises.

License to Drive

You should also have a process by which you clearly transfer all software licenses to your customer. Note that is not sufficient has just taken possession of the system. You should inform them that you are transferring the licenses and some way for them to accept the terms and conditions of those licenses. For instance, they have to break the shrink-wrap, an envelope, or container that contains the associated licenses.


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