Tradeshows – Maximizing Your Effectiveness

Everyone knows that tradeshows are a great source of leads, but here are some tips to make your next tradeshow a true success. Here are some thoughts on choosing the right tradeshow, maximizing your presence at the show, and measuring the effectiveness.

Choose Wisely

It’s important to look at a number of factors:

  • Relevancy-Does the attendee profile fit the profile of the person we’re wanting to talk to? Do not just look at pure attendance numbers.
  • Competitive Presence-Look at if there is a strong competitive presence at the show and how much they have invested in the show.
  • Conference Strength-Make note of opportunities in the conference, and get involved.
  • Past show performance-Double check your results from the previous year.

Think Outside of the Booth

To maximize your exposure at the show, don’t just worry about your booth itself. Take advantage of:

  • Conference-Call for papers, speakers, etc.
  • Sit in on Show Advisory Board- Show management will see you as a key player
  • Business Partner Activities-Do joint-marketing with partners or customers
  • Press Activities-Check out the press list and make appointments
  • Sponsorships-Great way to generate awareness

Measure Yourself

Finally, how do you know if your show was effective? The show is not over when the hall lights go out! You must measure the show effectiveness, including:

  • Lead Quantity-If this number is lower than expected-why?
  • Lead Quality-How was the fit? Did the attendees seem to respond well to your offering?
  • Hot Leads-These are your lead that require immediate sales attention.
  • Inbound lead activity-One of the best metrics to gauge the quality of your leads
  • Percent of New Contacts-It is important to rely on trade shows to constantly add new names and contacts to the database.
  • Article Placement/Press Opportunities-How many editor appointments did we secure? What about article placements?

Tradeshows are a lot of fun but also require a lot of effort. Picking the right show, expanding your presence beyond your booth walls and using good metrics tracking will help you make the most of your tradeshow dollar.


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