Strategic Planning – Plans for 2010

As we look forward to an economic recovery in 2010, we must make plans to grow our system-level business in conjunction with our Alliance Partners. We continue to add sales resources to identify and pursue these system-level opportunities.

Our Mission Remains the Same

National Instruments mission remains the same – create innovative products and delivering quality support. We are working hard to empower you with:

  1. Delivering new products with the latest technologies along with quality technical support.
  2. Well-integrated platforms like PXI and CompactRIO where you can pick the modules that meet the customer’s application.
  3. We also continue to give you more ability to customize our products. Not only in software, we now let you program the hardware with FPGAs. We even let you designs your own hardware – like CompactRIO modules and the new FlexRIO front-end for PXI.
  4. We also provide you with reference designs and architectures to help your engineers build good solutions for our customers.

We encourage you can learn more about how these products can create more opportunities for your businesses.

Working On Your Business, Not Just In IT

But, for you, it’s not just about having good technology, it’s about managing your business. It is not simply about solving the technical challenges of a particular project, but building a system integration company that can reliably deliver those solutions.

As I travel around the world, it has been a privilege to learn about your businesses. And, I try to share what I have learned in Alliance Day presentations, one-on-one business consultations …. I have even started this blog to foster best business practices.


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