Assessing Organizational Efficiency

Delegation and Authority

OK, now that your organizational structure in place, you should test it to make certain it is actually working. Check to make sure that authority has been properly delegated and understood. For instance, you can randomly ask someone in the organization to explain their current responsibilities. Do they know how they are being measured and what impact that will have on the organization?


How about the interworking of your teams? Do your employees understand their respective roles. Investigate how they work together – what information do they share? Can the communication process be streamlined? You can also encourage teamwork – for instance, you can implement a process to recognize and reward peers.


What about meetings? Everyone complains about them, right? So, you can go to work on ways to improve meeting efficiency. You’d be surprised what implementing simple rules like starting the meeting with ‘the purpose of this meeting is ….’ Check out

There are even ways to improve organizational efficiency by improving their problem solving capabilities. What methods do you use to facilitate idea generation, decision making, and solution implementation. Pick up a copy of The Memory Jogger II.


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