Computer Systems Management

When you think about it, much of the intellectual property and technical assets of an integration company lies within your computer systems. So, it is critical to have a good management plan for your computer systems.

Data Protection

Most integrators are familiar with and have tools for providing adequate security. They are generally available tools for creating firewalls and virus protection. But, the amount of attention to data protection can greatly vary from one company to the next. It’s a bit surprising since that data is a huge asset for the organization. And, not just project data, but also business data, customer information, ….

Back Up Process

To adequate protect your company’s assets, you should have a formal, thorough, and complete process for data back up. On a daily basis, data from each computer should be backed up to a central server – preferably automatically. You should then back up the server. At a minimum, you should create daily tapes, store them in a fire-proof safe, and then take a copy off-site each week. Alternatively, many companies with multiple locations have begun mirroring their servers. (Consider working with another company to do the same)


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