Surviving and Thriving as an SI (3 of 3)


Superior Control works to stay in ‘constant’ contact with their customers – using both hard-copy newsletters and e-mails. They include not only company news, but ‘fun’ information. For instance, they invite customers to regular cook-outs, to participate in a ‘Superior Madness’ college basketball pool, even to attend football games in the company’s seats.

Company Culture

Rick also think that it is important to build your company culture. For instance, they have a Summer Family cook-out for their employees and their families. They encourage employees to participate in an annual road (bike) race. There is a yearly ‘State of the Company’ address to keep employees informed of the company performance and direction. They recognize employee tenure with 5, 10, and 15 year awards. And, they host periodic trips to celebrate company success.

Giving Back

Finally, Rick advocates finding a way to give back to your community. In their case, Rick serves on the engineering board of the local University of Mass – Lowell. Superior Control has sponsored a computer engineering room and helped design and support the process control labs. He’s been very resourceful at getting his business and customers involved. As a result, in addition to the satisfaction of the charitable contributions, the networking has created 2 projects totaling over $1M, hiring 15 top rated engineers, not to mention the ‘advertising’ and visibility.


This concludes my series of blog posts about some of the CSIA 2010 presentationst that I found the most interesting. Of course, it is hard to do the presentations justice in a few short posts. If you want to the full scoop, I encourage you to attend the CSIA conference for yourself.

Surviving and Thriving as an SI (3 of 3)


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