NIWeek and Alliance Day 2010 Approaches

As always, there is a buzz around National Instruments during the final week of preparation for NIWeek.  Folks putting their final touches on their presentations and demonstrations. It is a bit of a crucible, but I find it always brings out the best of NI and our people.

Alliance Day

The week begins with Alliance Day on Monday. It’s a great chance to meet with our Alliance Partners to share business strategies before the customers arrive and NIWeek begins. During the keynote, you’ll hear from Alex Davern, our CFO, about how NI is faring in this economy; and Pete Zogas, our Sr. VP of Worldwide Sales, about how NI continues to evolve our organization to meet the demands of both our transactional and system-level business.

The rest of the day is packed with sessions designed specifically for our Alliance Partners. Our product managers will talk about our latest offering and how you can use them to win more business. Our system engineers will provide training on our latest architectures to facilitate your development. And, our business empowerment sessions offer insights and information on running your business, improving your marketing, and more.

Hope to See You There

If you are an NI Alliance Partner that is basing your business around National Instruments, there is no better place to be than NIWeek and Alliance Day. Catch me in the hallways to discuss your business. And feel free to let me know what you think of this blog – what you find useful and how it can be improved.


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