Drip Marketing

According to About.com, drip marketing is a direct marketing strategy that involves sending out several promotional pieces over a period of time to a subset of sales leads. The phrase drip marketing comes from the common phrase used in agriculture and gardening called “drip irrigation.” This is the process of watering plants or crops.

Marketing tactics for Alliance Partners can vary widely, but I do advocate that you look at a way of staying in regular communication with your customers and prospects.

Drip Marketing Mediums

Wikipedia claims that the main mediums for Drip Marketing are:

E-mail. The most commonly used form of drip marketing is E-mail marketing, due to the low cost associated with sending multiple messages over time. Email drip marketing is often used in conjunction with a Form (web) in a method called an Autoresponder. In this method, a lead completes the form on a company’s website and is then enrolled in a drip marketing campaign with messaging appropriate to the form’s context.

Direct Mail. Although more costly, direct mail software has been developed that enables drip marketing techniques using standard postal mail. This technology relies on digital printing, where low-volume print runs are cost justifiable, and the variable data can be merged to personalize each drip message.

Social Media. The principles of Drip Marketing have been applied in many social media marketing tools to schedule a series of updates. One popular tool, HootSuite, allows users to time messages and dissemenate via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several other social media sites simultaneously.

Plan of Action

Drip marketing is it requires a plan of action. By creating this plan and following it throughout the year you can guarantee consistent with your marketing. To get started:

  • Step 1: Develop your Plan (Plan something EVERY month)
  • Step 2: Strategize the Execution of Your Plan
  • Step 3: Decide who your Target is.
  • Step 4: Create consistency by developing your slogan or phrase. Then place it on every promotional and marketing piece.

You want to be careful not to just ‘spam’ your database. So, make sure that your content is relavant with an intent to educate them about the types of applications and solutions you provide. Success stories are nice, but so is a thoughtful article about the challenges that your customers face. If you are interested in reading more, there is a good article at  Drip Marketing: Slow and Steady Wins the Customer.


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