Sales Negotiations

Alright, proposal is done. Now, the real fun begins with the negotiation phase. There are entire books and seminars devoted to negotiation. For instance, NI has used Karrass in our sales training. In talking with Alliance Partners, here are some common techniques.

Tips and Techniques

You should typically start with a win-win approach. Stay positive and first look for the areas of agreement. But, be prepared and willing to negotiate where there are differences. Hopefully, you left some room to negotiate.

  1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – The most common mistake is to fixate on your own situation rather than your customer’s concerns. For instance, if you are too worried about winning the business, you may not see how desperate the customer is for a solution. You may need to challenge your own assumptions.
  2. Capture and Create Value – If you have productized your own software for re-use, you may be able to charge a license to use it. If you have created higher labor rates for more experience staff, you can offer to discount it (e.g. using one of your CLAs at your CLD rate).
  3. Silence is Bliss – Don’t talk to too much. Most people are uncomfortable with silence. Let them fill the void – and avoid making mistakes of your own. Use it as an opportunity to test limits and get agreement before making a concession. Also, don’t over-close. If you have a deal, don’t introduce more facts or information.
  4. Slow and steady – As you are negotiating, be careful not to give away too much, too soon. Make concessions slowly as needed. Try offering minor concessions first. And, don’t simply trade ‘tit for tat’.

Always Be Closing

And, until you have a deal, the old adage applies: always be closing. That’s not just about asking for the sale. But, it is a mindset that you should always be driving for closure. What is required to reach a deal? What is preventing the deal from getting done? If you can’t close the deal, figure out what are the next reasonable steps. And, always solidify the next engagement


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