100th and Final Post

It seems only fitting that my 100th post on this blog will be my last. As you may have seen in the NI Alliance Partner News on December 17th, I will be transitioning to a new role focusing on companies that supply NI with services (e.g. calibration, maintenance, and so on).

Changes to the NI Alliance Partner Team

Over the past 6 months, NI has been building our partner team to meet our increasing partner needs. Our mission is to ensure customer success by engaging system integrators, solution providers, product and technology partners while fostering mutual growth and financial success and driving new product adoption. Our partnering resources now include:

  • Armando Valim, Partner Programs Group Manager
  • Jeff Meisel, Software Product Partners (e.g. LabVIEW add-on toolkits)
  • Robert Jackson, Hardware Product Partners (e.g. CompactRIO modules)
  • Julie Schreier, Partner Programs Marcom Manager
  • Rob Reichmeider, VAR Manager for Americas
  • Kelly Hunka, Partner Programs Associate
  • Andrew Ellison, Alliance Program Administrator
  • Additional resources (to be determined)

In the interim, Amando Valim will assume responsibilities of Alliance Program Manager. For inquires that you previously directed to me please, you can now contact partners@ni.com.

Importance of our Alliance Partners

It has been my pleasure and passion to work with our Alliance Program Partners building our mutual business for these many years. While I am looking forward to new opportunities in my career, I firmly believe that building stronger partners is crucial to our continued success. Good business practices is an important aspect of that growth — thus, the reason for this blog. I hope that you have found some insights on how to improve your business. For the time being, I’ll leave this blog up and remind you of the Table of Content is a good way to access the content.

Best regards,



One Response to 100th and Final Post

  1. Goodbye Jack,
    I’m sure that we’ll in touch very soon.
    Your suggestions and your practices, was (and will be) for me a real help to keep on track the “ship”…my company!

    Thanks for all, Big Jack.


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