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nilogo1At National Instruments, we create innovative computer-based products that empower engineers and scientists to improve our world and every day life. We focus on building a powerful, flexible platform with tightly integrated software and hardware components and rely on our partners to make our customers successful.

The NI Alliance Partner Program is a worldwide network of more than 600 consultants, system integrators, developers, channel partners, and industry experts who join NI in providing customers with complete, high-quality solutions.

Through this blog, I hope to foster best business practices that will empower our Alliance Partners to meet the ever-more demanding applications enabled by the ever-expanding NI platform.


3 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Hi Jack,
    As a new member can you tell us what we will gain by attending NI Week Alliance Day?

    Thanks and all the best

    • Jack Barber says:

      Wow, how much time do you have? Any answer to that question has to start with the value of NIWeek itself – which is trememdous. From the keynotes demonstating off the latest products and technologies, to the 100s of sessions providing product and application training, to the large exhibition showing off an array of complementary products and services, there is just no better way to get an understanding of National Instruments and our market.

      As for Alliance Day in particular, here are the top benefits:
      • Keynote – you’ll hear from top NI executives about NI business, markets, and strategies that can create opportunities for your company and customers. Our CFO, Alex Davern, is always an Alliance favorite.
      • NI product training – you can attend in-depth training sessions to learn how to market, sell, and use NI products. Alliance Partners also tell me they really appreciate the sessions on future product initiatives during strategy sessions.
      • Technical empowerment – There are 3 tracks (18 sessions) to learn from NI systems engineers how to use the latest reference designs to speed application development and implement architectures to meet new application challenges. We really expanded this part of the agenda last year and it was really well-received by Alliance Parnters.
      • Business empowerment – We also offer some professional workshops to improve your business practices, and learn how to tap into NI marketing and sales activities to augment your own plans. For instance, this year, there will be several sessions on how we are improving ni.com, so Allianced Partners can better marketing their products and services.
      We’re about a month away from having the Alliance Day agenda. And, I’ll get that out in Alliance Partner News as soon as it is available. In the mean time, feel free to contact me directly if you have additional questions.

  2. Thanks Jack for your great summary of Alliance Day.

    I am looking forward to attending, and receiving the 2010 agenda.

    All the best

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