A Table of Contents

October 13, 2009

Building Stronger Partners

General Management

Business Foundation

Part 1 – Why are you in Business?

Part 2 – Establishing Guiding Principles

Part 3 – Creating a Business Plan

Part 4 – Annual Strategic Planning

Part 5 – Putting Plans into Action

Alliance Partner Business Strategies

Part 1 – Overview

Part 2 – Generalist

Part 3 – Specialist

Part 4 – Products

Part 5 – Systems

Customer Selection

Business Infrastructure

Organizational Structure

Assessing Organizational Efficiency

Facilities and Equipment

Computer Systems Management

Protecting Your Company

Loss Protection

Insurance Plans

Loss of Key Personnel (The Bus Problem)

Dealing with the Economy

Alliance Day – Surviving and Growing in Trying Times

Review of 2009

Outlook for 2010

Plans for 2010

Surviving and Thriving as a System Integrator

Strategic Planning in a Recovering Market (1-3)

Strategic Planning in a Recovering Market (2 of 3)

Strategic Planning in a Recovering Market (3 of 3)

Alliance Days and CSIA

CSIA Conference – A Great Event to Share Best Practices

NIWeek 2009 – Alliance Day Keynote

CSIA Post Best Practice Criterion

Back from CSIA 2010

Business Development

Marketing Fundamentals

Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Creating a Marketing Strategy – Part I

Creating a Marketing Strategy – Part II

Segmenting and Targeting Your Audience

Positioning Your Product or Service

Five Most Important Marketing Investments

Drip Marketing

Marketing Techniques

Creating a News Release

Stating Your Case (Study)

Direct Marketing

Tradeshows – Maximizing Your Effectiveness

Beyond Traditional Marketing – Part 1

Beyond Traditional Marketing – Part 2

Search Engine Optimization

Sales Tactics

Selling is Key to Your Success

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering (cont.)

Project Estimation (1 of 3)

Project Estimation (2 of 3) – Pricing

Project Estimation (3 of 3) – Risk

Proposals (1 of 3)

Proposals (2 of 3) – Terms and Conditions

Proposals (3 of 3) – Warranties, ….

Sales Negotiations

Project Management

How to Avoid Project Failure

How To Ensure Project Success

Top Ways to Lose Money On Projects

Project Planning

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Project Set Up

Project Resources

Project Scheduling

Project Communications

Project Development

Start With a Good Design

Stay on Task

Project Completion

Project Commissioning – Part 1

Project Commissioning – Part 2

Project Close – Engineering Perspective

Project Close – Commercial Perspective

Project Tracking

Project Tracking

Change Management

Reasons for Change Management

Project Cost Accounting

General Administration


Project Cost Accounting

Financial Management

Basic Accounting

Accounting and Budgeting

Billing and purchasing

Managing Cash Flow

Final Housekeeping ….

Human Resources

The People Advantage

Performance Management

Quality Management

Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles to Your Company