Building Stronger Partners

April 9, 2009

At National Instruments, we create innovative computer-based products that empower engineers and scientists to improve our world and every day life. Now, to have a broad impact on engineering and scientific endeavors around the world, we recognize that we can’t do it all. So, we focus on building a powerful, flexible platform with tightly integrated software and hardware components. And, we rely on our partners to make our customers successful.

The NI Alliance Partner Program

So, we established the NI Alliance Partner Program, a worldwide network of more than 600 consultants, system integrators, developers, channel partners, and industry experts who join NI in providing customers with complete, high-quality solutions.

Partners are key stakesholders in our success.

Partners are critical to our success.



The Need for Stronger Partners

As the National Instruments product line grows capable of solving more demanding applications, we recognize the need to develop relationships with system integrators and value-added resellers that are more than just experts in our products. We need to partner with companies that have the resources and skills to handle larger projects and deliver solution-level products.

Fostering Better Business Practices

During the past fifteen years, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies from small consultants to large system integration organizations. What I discovered is that service companies encounter common challenges as they grow their business. I’ve been able to observe good business practices to overcome these challenges.

In addition, NI is a member of the CSIA (Control Systems Integrator’s Association) who are committed to the business development of control system integration companies. I have been active an participant in the creation of the CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks which provides performance standards in critical business areas that are critical to successful system integration. I also work closely with Exotek, a management-consulting firm who are experts in best business practices for system integraton companies.